110/10/10 kV SS “Berkovetska”

Project start: 2015
Project status: Завершено
Project completion: 2016
Types of  works: Electrical installation


Works commencement date: 01.10.2015. Accomplishment date: 15.06.2016.

The set of building works for this facility includes accomplishment of construction part of substation in full scope, namely:

  • arrangement of foundations and oil receivers for installation of two 110/10 kV power transformers; – arrangement of foundations for installation of 110 kV SWYD equipment;
  • arrangement of foundations and oil receivers for installation of four 10 kV arc suppression coils;
  • construction of 130 m3 oil receiver;
  • arrangement of foundations for 10 kV cubicle switchboard and substation control house:
  • arrangement of foundations for the installation of auxiliary equipment;
  • construction of oil drain facility and cable channels on the territory of the substation;
  • arrangement of external fencing and a set of landscaping and gardening works on the territory of substation.

The set of electrical installation and commissioning works for the facility includes the following:

  • installation and commissioning of the equipment for 110 kV SWYD (PASS MO 145, manufactured by АВВ company)
  • installation and commissioning of two 110/10 kV power transformers with capacity of 40 MVA each;
  • installation and commissioning of 10 kV bays in the building of 10 kV closed cubicle switchboard;
  • installation and commissioning of substation’s auxiliary system (auxiliary transformers DC and AC boards);
  • arrangement of 10 kV busbar bridge for providing of power supply from power transformers to 10 kV closed cubicle switchboard incoming cubicles using of 10 kV CL;
  • laying of power (voltage up to 10 kV and 1 kV) and control cables on the territory of substation;
  • installation of substation’s outdoor illumination, lightning protection and grounding systems;
  • installation and commissioning of relay protection and automation equipment (automation panels and control and protection microprocessor devices);
  • works on arrangement of automatized revenue metering system, control communication system, video surveillance and access control systems, fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems on the territory of substation;
  • installation and commissioning of substation’s SCADA system.
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