"KECC" LLC has a huge experience in performing of various profiles and complexity construction works.

LLC “KECC” has a design division, the Comprehensive Design Bureau, which is responsible for the modern market requirements in the area of creation of systems of electrical supply to facilities. The rich and long experience, highly qualified specialists, the latest equipment and computing machinery make it possible for us to provide a wide range of engineering services in the area of electric power industry of any level.

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In the process of design development, we are flexible in responding to changes occurring in the construction and energy supply field. We are skilful at designing modern projects with a complex structure and automation.
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Apart from energy projects, the Company has a vast design experience in the field of civil and residential building construction, as well as in the reconstruction field. In our business, we are oriented to the standards of the world’s best design companies.

Our specialists follow the latest trends in the field of design and electrical equipment production; they analyze markets of technologies and materials and use new standards of work safety and cost effectiveness.

We offer both local and complex modern technical solutions and ensure approval of projects at all levels.
The examples of design works recently completed by the Comprehensive Design Bureau are provided below:

The feasibility study for the construction of 500 kV SS “Kreminska”;
Development of design documentation for the external electrical supply to the Art Arsenal cultural, artistic, and museum complex in Kyiv (10 kV cells of 35/10 kV Arsenalnaya SS, 110/10 Mystetska SS, 10 kV DP); Development of design documentation for the external and internal electrical supply to the retail and office centre with public buildings and a parking lot located at Sports Square, 1, Kyiv, namely:
– reconstruction of the 10 kV DP at the Centre SS;
– in-built 10 kV DP and TSS with 22 10/0.4 kV power transformers. In this project, we used a non-standard equipment location schematic: power transformers are installed on the building’s roof (level: +131 m) and on the 9th floor (level: +46 m). Power from transformers to customers MDB (main distribution board) is transmitted by using 0.4 kV bus lines;
– electrical lighting and power electrical equipment of the parking lot, retail, and retail and office parts of the building; Development of design documentation for the external and internal electrical equipment to the office and commercial buildings with in-built manege and box garages and social premises located at 2-20, Staronovodnitskaya St., Pechersk district, Kyiv; Feasibility studies for the construction of the 110/10 kV Olimpiyskaya substation with the 110 kV Olimpiyskaya-Moskovskaya CL (cable line); 35 kV cable line, 4.5 km long, from the Iskorost tracking substation to the 35/10 kV Progress SS which is under construction in Korosten, Zhytomyr region; External electrical supply to the autocentre in Sofiyevskaya Borshchagovka village located at 27, Ozernaya St., Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district, Kyiv region; External and internal electrical supply to the warehouse complex located in Chayka village, Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district, Kyiv region;
External electrical supply to I, II, III order construction of the complex of residential buildings with social premises located at Tychyna Street in Kyiv;

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