Automatic process control systems

Automated Process Control Systems on “turn-key”

“Kyiv energy construction company”, in its structure, has an engineering division – automation department – created and equipped for development and implementation on “turn-key” basis of Automated Process Control Systems of HV substations with voltage 6-750 kV, remote control systems of power network facilities and pipelines, dispatch systems (automatic dispatcher control systems) of energy companies and power supply accounting and control systems of industrial facilities and housing services and utilities.

For maximum unification of design decisions, reduction of cost and time of implementation, a series of object management complexes of power energy and resources distribution “SVS-TM” TU 27.1-32878418-001:2013 was designed and performs based on components and technology of MicroSCADA Pro of ABB concern.

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Automatic process control system

Automated Process Control System of SS performs based on standard IEC 61850 (systems and SS communication networks), which provides high speed and reliable real time data exchange between relay protection and automation microprocessor-based units even from different vendors.

Up-to-date level of these devices development allows combining a large number of functions in one terminal that were performed by neighboring systems before. It allows performing by relay protection and automation devices, among wide range of protection functions, functions of control automation of switching devices connection, measurements, emergency event logging and determining of fault location as well as remote control functions and communication by different standard digital protocols.
Relay protection and automation terminals network connects to the data display and processing center of SS of one of the modifications of “SVS-TM-605”, “SVS-TM-650” or “SVS-TM-690”, chosen depending on scope of processed information, number of connected devices, set of communication protocols and site conditions.

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Offered design concept allows performing of all main functions of SS automation:
  • Protection of power equipment in emergency conditions arising on SS or its territory;
  • Monitoring of current mode and status of main SS diagram with automated working station of operating personnel;
  • Control of switching devices in a normal (routine switching) and emergency modes;
  • Monitoring of technological modes and equipment;
  • Transferring necessary volume of information to high level system of dispatcher operation control (automatic dispatcher control system);
  • Integration with relay protection and automation subsystems, emergency automation and Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption;
  • Emergency reports logging, archive record keeping and reports generation;
  • Providing, using protection engineer’s automated working station, an access to relay protection and automation devices for remote changing of their settings, analysis of disturbance and protection tripping based on measured oscillograms, fixed values of electrical quantities and event information.
Automatic dispatcher control system for different branches and enterprises is realized on the basis of operative-information complex installed in control room on the basis of control complex “SVS-TM-690” and telemechanics remote station on sites on the basis of one of the modifications of control complex “SVS-TM-605-511”, “SVS-TM-605-540” or “SVS-TM-605-560” chosen depending on scope of processed parameters, set of connected external devices and channels of communication with the control center.
List of main functions implemented in operative-information complex:
  • Remote control of switching devices and operating mechanisms in a normal (routine switching) and emergency modes;
  • Information of dispatcher about changes of switching devices positions and operating mechanisms, exceeding the limits of process parameters, tripping of protections and alarm systems, with checkback and writing messages in the event log (for relay protection and automation remote checkback of protection tripping – directly into terminal);
  • calculation and display of balances using the readings received from metering devices;
  • manual input of positions for non – remote control switching devices and operating mechanisms;
  • transferring and receiving of necessary volume of information to neighboring and higher level systems (IEC 60870-5-104, OPC and SQL);
  • dynamic painting of HV network sections depending on if section is earthed, energized or de-energized;
  • interlocking of possibility for remote closing of CB if energizing of earthed section is possible;
  • long-term archive records keeping of values of electrical quantities and their displaying in form of diagrams and tables;
  • possibility of operation on backup communicating channels, automatic switching to backup channel in case of failure of main one.
For processing and displaying of information which is specific for certain process and tasking, operative-information complex, based on MicroSCADA software, may be supplemented by proper program systems, such as:
  • DMS – add-on above MicroSCADA of ABB concern which implements complex control of region power supply (geographic information system, automatic fault location and network recovering, modes calculation, control of operations staff, consumers data base, etc.);
  • Modus – special software for displaying of all power network in one frame on video wall, including TS 6 kV;
  • TGID – high level special software for heat networks (visualization and monitoring of heat supply process, binding to the map, calculation and analyses of hydraulic modes, calculation of operation heat loses, Production and Commercial company “Sirius”. Power supply control systems of integrated industrial facilities and housing services and utilities arranges the same to the systems described above, using the same software and hardware products, considering specific tasks. Tasks of power supply and resources accounting solve depending on the certain project, by expanding functions of implemented Automated Process Control Systems and Automatic dispatcher control systems, by connecting power and resources meters or local accounting system or by created under separate projects automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption, automatic system for commercial measurement of heat consumption water, gas, etc. Depending on Customer tasking, hardware-software accounting complexes of local and foreign manufactures can be used as a basement for such systems.
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