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Kyiv Energy Construction Company has a huge experience in performing of various profiles and complexity construction works.

Having a specialized construction division, “KECC”LLC carries out works related to construction, reconstruction, and repair of industrial and civil projects, often acting as a general contractor, partly performing the functions of a customer, and commissioning projects on a turnkey basis. We use the latest technologies, achievements, and techniques in the area of reconstruction, overhaul, and construction of buildings and facilities which enables us to significantly reduce the performance time and improve quality of works. We are always ready to offer consultation to the Customer in the process of selection of building materials, organization of the construction process, and optimal economic solutions.

Acting as a general contractor, the Company has built a number of various production and public objects: domestic buildins, shopping malls, exhibition halls and office buildings. The construction services offered by “KECC”LLC includes not only works related to construction and reconstruction of buildings and facilities, but also performance of works related to repair of offices, apartments, and other premises using modern high quality finishing, sanitary ware, and other building materials.

The specific type of construction works performed by the specialists of our Company include works related to installation of off-site utilities and water supply systems, sewerage systems, heat supply systems, and hot water supply systems.

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Off-site utilities, sewerage, and heat supply

The Company has accumulated huge experience in the construction and reconstruction of off-site utilities and water supply systems, sewerage systems, heat supply systems, and hot water supply systems. Works related to laying of new and replacement of the existing heat supply pipelines are carried out by using the trenchless laying and pipes pre-insulated with rigid polyurethane foam.

The advantages of this heat insulation method compared to the traditional use of mineral or slag wool are indisputable. In case of underground laying, thanks to the impermeable electrically insulating polyethylene sheath laid over polyurethane, the steel pipe is well protected against soil water and external chemical and electrochemical corrosion which extends significantly their service life.

Pre-insulated pipes are not affected by corrosion sources such as ground currents, and this is particularly important when laying district heating networks in the construction sites of industrial enterprises or in large cities with developed electric transport. Foam polyurethane pre-insulated pipes have the NORDIC type emergency alarm system built in the heat insulation which makes it possible to detect the place of damage with the no more than 1% margin of error and make digging works directly in the emergency section place.

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We perform projects of any complexity in the energy and industrial construction market.

Given that one of the Company’s key types of activities is installation of electrical equipment, including in equipment of electrical substations, distribution points etc, “KECC”LLC also carries out works related to construction and reconstruction of such buildings and facilities (buildings: Osokorki 110/10 kV SS (substation); 110/6 kV, 35/6 kV DHS (district heating station); Vokzalnaya 110/10 kV SS; Kharkovskaya 110/ kV V SS; Politekhnicheskaya 110/10 kV SS; Bastionnaya 110/10 kV SS; 110/35/6 kV SS of Volyncement OJSC in Zdolbunov; 10 kV Feeder point combined with 10/0.4 kV TSS (transformer substation) for external electrical supply of the autocenter located in Sofiyevskaya Borshchagovka village, 27, Ozernaya St., Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district, Kyiv region; 10 kV DP (distribution point) for electrical supply of Kyiv-Airport logistics center in Boryspil district, Kyiv region; 10/0.4 kV TSS located at 6, Laboratorny lane; 10/0.4 kV TSS located at Lunacharski St., 10/0.4 kV TSS located at 13, Saksaganski St., TSS-129 located at 69, Gonchar St., etc).

Kyiv Energy Construction Company is a leading Ukrainian company providing engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for large-scale energy and industrial objects.
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