Maintenance service

"KECC"LLC provides services for maintaining the energy part of the implemented facilities.
  • Measurements of cable and wire insulation, earthing resistance;
  • Inspection and maintenance of transformers, autotransformers, stabilizers, diesel generators.
  • Maintenance of reactive energy compensation cabinets, repair of insulation faults (installation of low- and high-voltage clutches), execution and maintenance of lightning protection and earthing circuit.
  • Replacing cables and wires, laying new cable channels, trays.
  • Replacement of contactors and automatic machines, maintenance of asynchronous and synchronous motors and DC equipment.
  • Reconstruction of electrical panels and substations.
  • Replacement of lamps, luminaires and floodlights.
Automation systems also require professional maintenance.
  • Timely check of all operating modes, including emergency modes.
  • Verification of correct data reading, processing and archiving, correct and timely transfer of this data from remote locations to the central server.
  • Maintenance of information networks
  • Uninterrupted supply and cooling of control boards.
Support for SCADA, soft starters, frequency converters, generators, excitation systems.
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