Electrical installation works

Electrical installation works

“KECC”LLC carries out electrical installation works of any degree of complexity. Our specialists will complete any project in a high quality manner and within the established deadlines. The Company will carry out electrical equipment installation and adjustment works including: electrical substations, distribution points, up to 750 kV overhead power lines, up to 330 kV cable power lines, relay protection, power equipment, internal and external electrical lighting, grounding both in the process of constructing new and reconstructing, expanding, and reequipping the existing enterprises.

We normally offer a full range of works: from the electrical equipment design to the electrical installation commissioning. “KECC” LLC advantages consist in quality and reliability: the ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 quality management system, licenses, trained staff, use of quality materials only, as well as reasonable prices of works being carried out.

The Company’s key characteristics distinguishing it from its competitors include operational efficiency and high quality and professionalism in carrying out works, prompt preparation of the cost estimate documentation, prompt logistics and reliable suppliers, a professional engineering and construction electrician staff.

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Cable lines

LLC “KECC” performs works related to laying of cable lines of internal and external networks with a various voltage.

Our specialists perform a whole range of technical measures to lay cable lines. Cable lines are laid both in the ground and in specialized cable structures, including ducts, channels, special trays, and also trenches, cable racks and suspenders. In order to improve reliability of electrical supply, taking into account global trends in development of cable energy distribution networks with a medium voltage, the Company lays cables using heat-resistant extruded insulation (cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene-propylene rubber) of both foreign and domestic manufacture, using them to replace cables with paper impregnated insulation.

Medium-voltage cables with insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene have a number of advantages in comparison with cables with paper impregnated insulation:
– increased working temperature which makes it possible to increase transmitting capacity;
– increased resistance when operating under the conditions of overloading and shortcuts;
– possibility to lay cables in networks with unlimited level diversity;
– no oil, bitumen, lead, which makes installation and operation easier and removes environmentally adverse factors;
– higher reliability in operation and lower costs of cable line reconstruction and maintenance;
– lower weight and allowable bending radius;
– possibility to manufacture cables of a large building length.

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Electrical equipment installation

“Kyiv energy construction company” is highly experienced in performing works related to installation of electrical equipment both in the event of building new facilities and reconstructing the existing ones. In this case, depending on design data and customer wishes, we install equipment made by both national and leading foreign manufacturers.

We offer delivery, installation, and any electrical equipment adjustment services to our customers. Switchboard electrical equipment:

LD –lead-in distributors;
DP – distribution points;
MSB – main switchboard;
PB – power board;
ALT – automatic load transfer;
CB – control box;
LP – lighting panel;
DSB – distribution switchboard;
CSB – control switchboard;
ASB – automatic switchboard.
Power equipment: – transformers
TSS – transformer substation;
PTSS – package transformer substation;
DSS – distribution substation

Once installation works are completed, we perform a range of start-up and adjustment works, including check, adjustment, and testing of electrical equipment in order to ensure electrical parameters and modes established by the design.
Installation of Indoor Electrical Supply Networks and Systems

Specialists of LLC “KECC” perform works related to installation of indoor electrical supply networks and systems in various premises: from small offices to multistoried residential buildings and large enterprises with a developed infrastructure. Indoor networks include electrical supply to buildings, starting from the lead-in distributors receiving electricity from outside from the transformer substation and distributing it to all the consumers of the building, and ending by consuming devices. Electrical supply to various buildings can be distinguished according to the installation method and materials used. The circuit model of electrical supply to the building and materials and equipment used is as follows: an lead-in distributors(one or several, depending on the size of the building and consumed load), a cable, materials to lay it (PVC pipe, corrugated pipe, couplings (angles for cable routing turns, T-branch pipes for connection and branching, branching and distribution boxes, “pipe-pipe”, “pipe-box” sleeves, etc), metal trays, steel pipes (in particular in case of buildings with increased fire hazard), distribution boards servicing specific areas of electrical supply to the building (boards of ventilation installation, socket network, lighting, etc), electricity consuming devices (lamps, electrical devices), and commutation switches (industrial, household sockets, circuit breakers, etc). We install lead-in distributors, floor electrical supply boards, power circuits, lighting circuits, and other components of indoor electrical supply using components made by the world’s leading manufacturers which makes it possible to guarantee reliable and safe operation of electrical equipment.

Outdoor Lighting

LLC “KECC” performs a range of electrical installation works related to outdoor lighting of roads, cottage building areas, building-adjacent territories, enterprise and warehouse complex territories.
In the process of electrical installation works, we install supports, pull heads, brackets, lighting devices, switchboard equipment, and lay the cable.

We are experienced in installing outdoor lighting systems using a wide range of modern structures and materials made by leading global and national manufacturers: supports, lamps, floodlights, etc.

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