330 kV SS “Rivne”


We put into operation the Autotransformer АТДТН-200000/330/110-У1 on 330 kV SS Rivne. This substation belongs to the Zakhidna Power System of NEC Ukrenergo.

It should be noted that the technical re-equipment was carried out in the conditions of the existing energy facility.

Project start: 2019
Project status: Completed
Project completion: 2019
Types of works: Electrical installation

December 2019

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From September to December 2019, the following main works were performed:

– replacement of autotransformer АТ-2 АТДЦТН-200000/330/110У1;
– installation of current transformers in the circuit of the 110 kV switch of connection “AT-2” (link №8C at the 110 kV VRU);
– construction of a valve switching chamber and a new dry pipe installation AT-2;
– technical re-equipment of the 10 kV bus bridge;
– dismantling of existing equipment.
– installation of surge arresters to protect AT-2 at a voltage of 10 kV;
– replacement of AT-2 protections.

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