Rehabilitation of 750 kV SS “Zaporizka” – production report for August 2021

Project “Rehabilitation of 750 kV, 330 kV outdoor switchgears, 150; 35; 15,75 kV equipment and auxiliaries at 750 kV SS “Zaporizka”

All 3 phases of the new AT3 and PST3 have been moved from their storage location to the installation site. Works on the installation of bushings, attachable equipment and the full set of oil filling operations, including all necessary tests of PST3 phase A, are completed. Works on the installation of attachable equipment and oil filling of AT3 phase A are in progress.

Works on the installation and bus arrangement of new power high-voltage equipment in AT3 connection bay to 750 kV outdoor switchgear have been completed. Works on installation and connection of power and control cables are in progress.

Works on the installation of 15, 75 kV busducts, and the construction of auxiliary building 2, valve switch chamber building 5 and the arrangement of fire water supply networks are ongoing.

Construction of oil receiver for AT3 and PST3 has started.

Works on the replacement of the existing high-voltage power equipment at 330 kV outdoor switchgear and auxiliary system equipment, including 6 kV metal-clad switchgear, are being performed.

The repair of the existing trunk cable ducts and the covering of the existing gantry structures of 750 kV outdoor switchgear with anticorrosion materials are carried out.

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